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Some doodles, sketches, n stuff

Here’s another sketch card. Wuteva.

And anOTHER, fun times.

She sure is skinny.

This isa drawing for a flyer I did for my boyfriend’s band, Sally. They ROOL! go to I did the site.

Here’s another Sally.

Here are some doodles I did on the subway… I colored them in photoshop 😛

Here’s a drawing I did of the girl from Show Me Love (its Swedish title is, er, weird and seems like a really bad idea on the part of the director). The movie is amazing, and the girl is a really good actress, and also extremely cute. I think I took the picture crooked because in my sketch book she doesn’t look so chin-heavy.


Waitlisted sketch cards

I really love this Emma Frost card. However, I didn’t want to include 2 X-Men submissions. Spiderman came out technically good (I like the clouds) but due to his face-concealing mask, it’s kind of hard to put my own spin on this extremely well-known character. And the Human Torch elicited either a strong love or hate reaction from my friends. Hey it’s hard drawing a fiery guy!

Four Marvel Sketch Cards

I am sending these cards in to Rittenhouse. Hopefully this will end in an assignment! 🙂

Red Skull, from Captain America, is surprisingly fun to draw. Doop is an obscure X Force character that my boyfriend suggested I draw; Mysterio with a spidey reflection seems to get a lot of people’s attention, and Kitty Pryde is my favorite of these cards. Note the photo of Professor Xavier on the wall.

I chose these to submit by polling friends…


Vampirellas! 2 more!

More Vampirella! I realized I could just have fun drawing her my style, rather than a forced, sexy 90s style. YAY FUN. As a result, her FACE is the focal point, not her smokin bod.

This other sketch card was fun because of the really perspective-heavy pose!

Sketch Card- Masquerade!

Who is Masquerade, from Project Superpowers? WELL WOULDN’T YOU LIKE TO KNOW. Sketch card, just drew it from my imagination, but I like how it turned out!

Did some more test sketch cards! 1- Scully from X-Files!

Heeey! It’s Scully! Not very detailed but my ref pic was low res and uhh I cropped out Mulder and he was the one in focus and there was just a blurry, shocked Scully in the background… so… excuses!

Clem from Buffy

Here’s Clem from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Sorry, I took the picture with my phone..)